Potentiometers from ACP

Aragonesa de Componentes Pasivos (ACP) is a worldwide renowned electronics passive components company that develops, manufactures and commercializes thick film based resistive potentiometers, sensors and electromechanical solutions.

All ACP products are RoHS compliant. The company is certified by IQNet (Aenor) under ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. It was founded in 1988, in Tarazona, Spain. In 2003, an expansion brought a fully renovated production floor with increased capacity, better capabilities, and a privileged positioning for growth.

ACP is expert in thick film technology. All production processes take place in-house, as part of the production: formulation, featuring and production of resistive, conductive and dielectric inks, screen printing, curing, sintering and laser trimming. The company counts with a professional team that, together with its capabilities, considers flexibility and service level a key part of ACP’s services.

The main industries were ACP products can be found are white goods, automotive and industrial. Some of the most common applications are: Speed control, power control, timers, sensitivity setting, temperature controls on appliances and HVAC systems, feedback position sensing on actuators, light dimmers, mode control, headlamp leveling, controls on infotainment equipment, audio controls on mixers, amplifiers and musical instruments, etc.

ACP’s Product Line:

ACP products are suitable for applications with increasingly complex performance and demands. Some examples are:

  • CA6                       Trimmer
  • CA9, CA14          Mirror position sensor (50.000 cycles, 3% linearity.)
  • CE14                     Function selection on a motor drive. (10.000cycles, 11 differentiated positions, with click effect in each position).
  • RS14                     Valve position sensor (250.000 cycles, 3% linearity.)
  • MRS14 Position sensor for shutters in building automation (up to 1.000.000 cycles, 5% linearity.)

Products can have custom-made housings, collectors or accessories in metal or plastic.

  • Custom PCRs      Position sensors for industrial and automotive applications, with 5.000.000cycles and very strict specifications.
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