Analog Power

A New Focus on Power Management Semiconductors

Since its establishment in 2002, the US manufacturer Analog Power has been focusing on power management, and has been producing the optimum products for its customers.

By using the most innovative manufacturing processes, Analog Power supplies products of the same high quality and standarst as those of the major suppliers on the market. Analog Power’s employees are customer-driven, with a high percentage of engineers experienced in power semiconductors.

Analog Power supplies a range of application-specific solutions for power management. The selection of products includes N-Channel and P-Channel MOSFETs, with on-resistance as low as 1.5 mΩ, in packages such as DFN3x3-8, SO-8, lead-less SO-8 (exposed pad), Dpak and TO-220. In the near future Analog Power will expand its product portfolio using its market and application knowledge along with customer feedback.

Founded and run by industry professionals, Analog Power brings the optimum devices for all circuits, applications expertise to complement them, and world-class manufacturing.

MOSFETs by Analog Power:

  • Single N-Channel
  • Single P-Channel
  • Common Drain
  • Single N-Channel + Schottky
  • Single P-Channel + Schottky
  • Dual N-Channel
  • Dual P-Channel
  • Complementary, N-Channel Device
  • Complementary, P-Channel Device
  • Load Switch with Ground-Referenced Logic Input
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