Power Factor Correction


  • PhaseCap Premium – For Harsh Conditions with Heavy Harmonic Loads; Dry Inert Gas; Concentric Winding; Triple Safety System; Maintenance-Free; Low Mounting Costs; 230 to 800 VAC; 5 to 33 kvar
  • PhaseCap Compact – For Harsh Conditions with Heavy Harmonic Loads; Semi-Dry Biodegradable Resin; Concentric Winding; Dual Safety System; Very High Life Expectancy; Maintenance-Free; 230 to 1000 VAC; 5 to 37.1 kvar
  • PhaseCap HD – High Density; Dry Inert Gas; Stacked Winding; Low Losses; Maintenance-Free 400 to 525 VAC; 40 to 60 kvar
  • PhiCap – Low Cost Solution; Semi-Dry Biodegradable Resin; Stacked Winding; Easy Installation; Compact & Low Weight; Maintenance-Free; 230 to 525 VAC; 0.5 to 30 kvar
  • PoleCap – High Dust and Moisture Concentration Applications; Dry Inert Gas; Stacked/Concentric Winding; 400 to 525 VAC; 0.5 to 30 kvar
  • PhaseCap Energy – a new generation of the PhaseCap series; 230 to 690 V AC; 5 to 33 kvar; life expectation up to 200 000 hours; High long term stability (150% better than other series); Increased inrush current (by 25 % and up to 500 IR)


  • Power Factor Controller – For switching on and off capacitor units in Automatic PFC Systems; Intelligent and User-Friendly
  • Multi Measuring Interface – Display and record a large number of key parameters, revealing all harmful conditions in the grid
  • Grid Analysis Tool – For display and storage of electric parameters in low-voltage grids
  • Capacitor Contactors – Avoid current peak values when a capacitor is switched on to an AC voltage
  • Thyristor Modules for Dynamic PFC – Optimize the power factor and reduce the level of harmonics in the grid
  • Reactors – Antiresonance Harmonic Filter; Discharge Reactor – For Avoidance of resonance conditions
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