Harting is specialised in the areas of electrical, electronic and optical interconnection, transmission and networking. The company supplies standard and customized solutions and products such as electric and electronic connectors, device terminations, backplanes, network components as well as cable harnesses for networks or machinery. Their products are siutable for energy and data transmission applications including, for example, mechanical engineering, rail technology, wind energy plants, factory automation, plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication.

Harting also manufactures electromagnetic components for the automotive industry, and is a specialist in industrial applications in the form of enclosures, housings and/or the assembly of individual or complete systems.

Harting Product Line:


They are built for the harshest conditions in industrial environments. Harting’s industrial connectors are suitable for all applications requiring a safe electrical connection which means all kinds of protected electrical areas. For example in control cabinets or outdoor applications.

The comprehensive line of products comprises of small connectors capable of a few amps up to large multi-way high power connections. Harting’s industrial connectors can combine enabling sensitive signals of a few milli-volts, as used in the field of Gigabit transmissions, or up to 600 Amps or 5000 Volts for high power applications.

Harting’s modular connectors can consist of a single or combine multi-modules locked together in a single frame, which can accommodate, signal, and power circuits along with fibre optic or compressed air lines.

Each style can be manufactured with a shielding.


  • Board-to-board and wire-to-board
  • Screw, spring-cage or IDC connection
  • DIN 41 612 connectors
  • MicroTCA/AdvancedTCA
  • Hard metric connectors
  • MCE Micro Card Edge
  • Multi-coaxial


The company offers a wide selection of Interface interconnection solutions for electronic data transmission via copper or fibre optic. Data and power transmission can be combined in a single item in the hybrid versions. Harting’s I/O connectors distinguish with high and ultrahigh speed transmission data rates for indoor and outdoor applications.


The wide range is based on Copper, Hybrid and Fiber optic cable assemblies. Harting uses upscale cables combined with high-grade connectors. The assemblies can serve various applications by covering various lengths and supporting customized solutions, including overmoulding.


The company offers all kinds of tools and machines for cable and PCB assembly – from crimping pliers to a fully automated crimping machine, or from a hand bench press to a computer controlled press-in machine.

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