Lamina was created in 1957 as the only supplier of semiconductor devices in Poland and the manufacturing tradition is kept even nowadays. The company’s modern image is characterized by unique design and production technology which are applied to the products, as well as constant commitment to progress.

Lamina’s semiconductor devices include standard and fast-healing diodes, standard thyristors, inverter thyristors, fast switching thyristors, modular blocks, heatsinks and installation tools. Lamina is certified with ISO9001:2000 and its product quality is in compliance with all global standards. Some main customers of the company are ABB Poland and Powerex Inc.

Lamina’s product range includes many replacements for Eupec, International Rectifier , Powerex , Semikron and Westcode.

Product range:


  • Stud or flat base type
  • Hockey puk type
  • Fast switching and inverter thyristors
  • Medium current thyristors


  • Stud or flat base type rectifying diodes
  • Hockey puk type rectifying diodes
  • Fast recovery diodes
  • Medium current rectifying diodes

MODULAR BLOCKS – with one, two and three components

ISOLATED MODUES – diode, thyristor and mixed modules

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